WYCYF Junior Sail Board of Directors

The Junior Sail Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from the surrounding community. Our board members range from corporate professionals to local business owners and are often parents of students who are or have been in the program – some board members are former students and instructors. Our board is dedicated to supporting sailing education and spreading the love for a sport that helps kids develop leadership skills and helps them grow into better, more responsible adults.


WYCYF Junior Sail Board of Directors for 2016-2017 :

Roxanne McGinn – Director

Jonathan Burba – Director

Cliona McAlister – Director

Jan Bach – Director

Scott Nagro – Director

Sam Sorano – Director

Kathy Sivia – Director

Nikki Sullivan – VP Employment & Operations

Tom Carney – VP Finance

Anne Nagro – VP Marketing

Randy Syme – Board President

Gene Bach – President Emeritus/Founding Member