WYCYF Junior Sail Program

Junior Sail programs all over the country teach to the standards of US Sailing, but the WYC Youth Foundation Junior Sail Program sets the bar high by requiring US Sailing Level 1 Certification to reach SAILING INSTRUCTOR status.

Our home base is a working harbor with industry, shipping, and commercial yachting. It’s no surprise this has created a robust tradition for teaching beyond the basics – making confident, self-sufficient, and responsible sailors in a fun and safe environment for 50 years.


We measure success in creating a life-long love of sailing. Big goals are achievable only in daily measures of success, and ours are simple. Each day, each sailor must leave us with:

  • Greater courage and pride than the day before
  • Excitement to return the next day for more, and more…and more

We expect our staff to hold themselves accountable – knowing whether they have succeeded on both of these points each day for the sailors in their care, and then doing what is necessary to make sure they improve each sailor’s very next day.